The ALC Difference

The ALC Coordinated Transportation Model provides paratransit solutions that yield significant cost savings with unyielding customer service. Leveraging a unified fleet, coordinated under one standard management and technology layer, ALC delivers optimum productivity and efficiency for any paratransit program.

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There is a Better (Proven) Way

ALC's unique technology and transportation management experience has resulted in a game-saving business model, which allows ALC to make and verify an extremely unique claim: reduced costs and improved transportation services. All made possible by innovating away from clearly outdated competitive transportation models. Learn More

ALC Can Significantly Reduce Cost

Shrinking budgets, coupled with an increase in demand and operating expenses, requires that transit agencies look toward more efficient transportation models that will allow them to create a sustainable future. ALC's Coordinated Transportation Model is the answer. Learn More

Zero Denials, Fewer Complaints

ALC has fewer complaints than anyone in our industry. Period. With a documented 96% on time performance record and an average of 0.96 complaints per 1,000 trips, an ALC partnership assures complaints will decrease over time. Learn More

We Deliver a Worry-Free Transition

ALC guarantees a worry-free transition. ALC is able to provide quick and easy implementation, robust reporting with measurable results and all within the first 30-days. Learn More

Developing Community Resources

ALC is committed to using local for-hire resources to meet the needs of its clients in each of the communities it serves. The majority of ALC's local drivers are considered small business or disadvantaged business entities (DBE). ALC not only helps you save jobs, but keep profits in your community.

Right Sizing the Fleet

ALC establishes the most efficient blend of dedicated and non-dedicated vehicles to provide a sustainable paratransit solution. Using the "right sized fleet" means matching the right vehicle with the right trip, and more importantly it means reducing fleet size and no longer paying for unused capacity. Learn More

Green is Good

ALC has joined forces with Clean Energy, to provide a smart, green, sustainable and budget-friendly transportation model. The combination of cleaner, cost-effective CNG fuel and ALC's Coordinated Transportation Model, which not only utilizes cleaner alternative fuels, but also reduces the size and number of vehicles on the road, lowers your costs and contributes to an overall reduction in your carbon footprint.

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