Reducing Costs with ParaMax®

The typical paratransit program must meet the needs of both high volume routes, served best by a dedicated fleet of vehicles, and lower volume, "hard-to-serve" routes, served best by a flexible fleet of non-dedicated vehicles.

However, today, most agencies try to serve all of these trips via a single dedicated fleet (generally all large cutaways) - a one-size-fits-all approach that renders them unable to cost effectively deal with a varying demand.

"Hard to serve" trips -- after hours, peak hours, weekends, and out-of-area - spike up the cost and erode the productivity of the dedicated fleet model. At the end of the day, these agencies are paying a high price tag for only an average level of service.

Below you'll learn how ALC is able to save transit agencies 20-30% using ParaMax, ALC's proprietary route optimization technology, all while improving service levels.


ALC's ParaMax technology reduces transportation costs by analyzing all trip reservations, to "right size the route" and "right size the fleet."

  • Right Size the Route
    By running real-time route optimization algorithms to maximize route productivity and vehicle utilization, ALC "right sizes the route." More efficient routes translate into reduced costs for transit agencies.
  • Right Size the Fleet
    We establish the most efficient blend of dedicated and non-dedicated vehicles to provide a sustainable paratransit solution. Using the "right sized fleet" means matching the right vehicle with the right trip, and more importantly it means reducing fleet size and no longer paying for unused capacity.
  • Green is Good
    ALC has joined forces with Clean Energy, to provide a smart, green, sustainable and budget-friendly transportation model. The combination of cleaner, cost-effective CNG fuel and ALC's Coordinated Transportation Model, which not only utilizes cleaner alternative fuels, but also reduces the size and number of vehicles on the road, lowers your costs and contributes to an overall reduction in your carbon footprint.

Leveraging a unified fleet, coordinated under one standard management and technology layer, ALC delivers optimum productivity and efficiency for any paratransit program.

ParaMax Dispatch

ParaMax establishes the most optimal route and then performs systematic, real-time route optimization to adjust to cancellations, road closures, weather and traffic conditions; and any other unpredictable events.

Our proprietary route optimization and GPS/AVL-based dispatching technology, used in conjunction with the vehicle's mobile data terminal, supports minute-by-minute agility, pin-point accuracy and ultimate responsiveness in routing, dispatching and tracking.

The Result

Flexible resources available to meet a varying demand - and costs that decrease as productivity increases.

Why Work with ALC?
  • Proven - greater efficiency, higher customer satisfaction, and reduced costs - our model works.
  • Seamless transition - worry-free.
  • Exceptional follow through (we do what we say we're going to do!)