ALC's Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

The combination of ALC's seasoned management team, innovative transportation management technologies, and our Coordinated Transportation Model -- which leverages a unified fleet of dedicated and non-dedicated vehicles, coordinated under one standard management and technology layer - allows ALC to deliver optimum productivity and efficiency for any paratransit program.

In achieving all this, while also reducing costs, ALC is setting a new standard for paratransit service.

Below you'll find an overview of the key components that make up ALC's Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), a fully integrated approach designed to safeguard service.


ALC by the Numbers

ALC's Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) enables clients to achieve performance metrics that are significantly higher than industry standards.

  • 96% -- on-time performance
  • 0 -- service denials
  • 0.92 -- average complaints per 1,000 trips
  • 11 seconds -- average on-hold time per call

Reporting Compliance

We maintain accurate and 100% verified trip information. This makes it easy for transportation agencies to obtain detailed performance data to meet NTD reporting and compliance requirements, and even monitor daily operations via the Web. Performance data supplied to transit agencies by ALC includes:

  • Number of Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Trips
  • NTD Data
  • Driver Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Daily Dispatch (Excel format)
  • Daily Service Detail (Excel format)
  • Electronic Invoicing

Internal Quality Control

ALC's internal quality control initiatives include an incentive program that offers bonuses for the operations team based on the achievement of quality service performance metrics. ALC also offers incentives based on driver performance standard.


To ensure a high quality of service, ALC aggregates the best drivers available in each market that it serves. To find the best drivers, ALC conducts rigorous screening programs as part of its driver recruitment and credentialing. These programs include:

  • DOJ / FBI Background Check
  • DMV Pull
  • FTA Drug Program
  • Verification of licensing and permitting

 ALC drivers are also required to participate in an interactive training curriculum based on University of Wisconsin ADA Training Guidelines.

Click here to learn more about the "Exceptional Service Award" presented to an American Logistics contracted driver by the Orange County Transportation Authority's (OCTA) Special Needs Transit Advisory Committee.


ALC requires all drivers to adhere to ALC's vehicle maintenance standards and any additional standards required by the transit agency. These standards require vehicles to be maintained at levels and intervals more rigorous than those required by the manufacturer, governmental and regulatory agencies.


Our three-tier maintenance program includes:

  • Daily maintenance inspections
  • Random inspections
  • Quarterly safety inspections at an ASE certified shop.

Right Sizing the Fleet

We establish the most efficient blend of dedicated and non-dedicated vehicles to provide a sustainable paratransit solution. Using the "right sized fleet" means matching the right vehicle with the right trip, and more importantly it means reducing fleet size and no longer paying for unused capacity.

Green is Good

ALC has joined forces with Clean Energy, to provide a smart, green, sustainable and budget-friendly transportation model. The combination of cleaner, cost-effective CNG fuel and ALC's Coordinated Transportation Model, which not only utilizes cleaner alternative fuels, but also reduces the size and number of vehicles on the road, lowers your costs and contributes to an overall reduction in your carbon footprint.

Coordinated Fleet

  • Turn-Key Solution
     ALC's transportation solutions manage all transportation requirements including reservations, scheduling, and dispatching of vehicles and drivers.
  • No Boundaries
     When working with ALC, there are no geographic boundaries.
  • We Are Not a Broker
     When incorporating non-dedicated vehicles we maintain direct relationships with local, for-hire transportation services providers, and offer real-time dispatch to meet the immediate needs of your customers.


ALC's policies, which exceed industry standards, can name your agency as additional insured on the comprehensive automobile liability insurance and the commercial general liability insurance.

 Project Management

We Deliver a Worry-Free Transition

Your project is assigned a transition manager to ensure that the program is implemented as smoothly as possible. As a result, ALC is able to provide quick and easy implementation, robust reporting with measurable results and all within the first 30-days.

Continuous Service

ALC's quality of service does not end once the transition is complete. Each ALC customer is assigned a project management team and a customer service liaison. This team will continue to work alongside your agency for the life of the project. These teams communicate performance data and other information regarding your transportation program using state-of-the-art reporting tools.

"On-Road" Project Supervision

ALC conducts regular, on-road monitoring and supervision of paratransit operations as well as ride checks, to assess vehicle condition, operator professionalism, and performance and service rule adherence.

 ITS Operations Center

ALC's highly trained customer service staff streamlines operations from reservations through reporting and is always available to answer questions and solve any service concerns. Our crossed-trained scheduling, reservation and dispatch teams are responsible for:

  • Quality assurance
  • Complaint resolution
  • Reporting
  • Invoicing

 ALC's state-of-the art communications facility is a centralized operations center with professional management that operates 24/7/365 with systems and infrastructure designed to support 99.99 percent uptime. Key features include:

  • Fault Tolerance
  • Redundant power, hardware, fiber communications
  • Redundant communication center
  • Live backup


Why Work with ALC?
  • Proven - greater efficiency, higher customer satisfaction, and reduced costs - our model works.
  • Seamless transition - worry-free.
  • Exceptional follow through - we do what we say we're going to do!