Reduce Cost

Our paratransit clients are saving 20-30%, we can do the same for you.

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Improve Service

ALC's Coordinated Transportation Model is setting the new industry standard.

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The ALC Difference

There is a better (proven) way. See the difference for yourself.

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ALC's Coordinated Transportation Model™
 The combination of American Logistics Company's (ALC) seasoned management team, innovative transportation management technologies, and our Coordinated Transportation Model - which leverages a unified fleet of dedicated and non-dedicated vehicles, coordinated under one standard management and technology layer - delivers optimum productivity and efficiency for paratransit agencies. In achieving all this, while reducing costs and improving service, ALC is setting a new standard for paratransit transportation.

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    NCTD: Looking at Transit Differently


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    North County Transit District turns to ALC to save more than $8 million on its ADA Paratransit Program.

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    ALC's model overcomes the two biggest obstacles addressed in the TCRP report.

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