Reduce Costs

Off-load transportation benefit administration without increasing costs.

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Happier members are healthier members, find out why.

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The ALC Difference

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ALC's Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Management Services

At ALC we believe that Treatment Begins With Transportation®. A business relationship with ALC means that healthcare organizations can focus on what they do best - providing healthcare services - without the hassle of having to manage transportation benefits. Unlike the traditional brokerage model, ALC dispatches trips directly to the driver. As a result we can offer health plans a tremendous value proposition that is hard to ignore - a transportation/case management solution that lowers the overall cost of care, provides exceptional performance and allows for real-time reporting that begins at the member's door-step. With ALC you have a transportation management company that shares your vision for improving the overall health and wellness of your members, which ultimately leads to happier, healthier members.

Lyft Partners With ALC for On-Demand Transportation
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