ALC's Leadership Team

ALC is a unique organization with a unique collection of highly competent and skilled individuals with significant knowledge, experience and expertise in their respective fields and functions.

From our founders who have over 50 years experience and knowledge gained from ownership and operation of transportation companies across the United States, to the critical daily contributions of our resources/drivers and dispatch personnel, ALC is an energetic and dedicated organization with a strong foundation and an unlimited capacity for growth.

Craig Puckett


Craig's family has been in the transportation business for many years. Prior to joining ALC, Craig served as vice president of Taxi Systems Inc., a taxi services company that owns and manages more than 1,200 taxi cabs in the Los Angeles area. In 2002, Craig became vice president of Call Oscar (ALC's predecessor), where he was responsible for developing the operational systems that propelled the company to new heights as a successful transportation service provider, focused on serving senior populations.

At Call Oscar, Craig also pioneered the development of the proprietary GPS, computer dispatch software and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) that today provide the foundation for ALC's Coordinated Transportation Model, a business model that reduces costs and improves service levels through a coordinate fleet of dedicated and non-dedicated vehicles. Craig is a former member of the board of directors of TPAC (Taxicab Paratransit Association of California).

Craig serves as a volunteer with Boy Scouts of America, and is a venture crew leader in the Orange County Council. In 2009, he was awarded "Venture Leader of the Year." He holds a bachelor degree from Brigham Young University, and is fluent in Japanese, having spent two years living abroad in Japan.